Unique, smooth and captivating are just a few words that roll off the tongue when describing Benjamin’s brand of soul. A self proclaimed fusionist this singer/songwriter,Composer/producer and rapper blends Salsa,Soul,Hip hop, Funk, Jazz, Electronic elements and a folk like simplicity to orchestrate a world of warm, colorful chord movements, hypnotic melodies and soul stirring rhythms. But don’t try and put him in a box “..Leave that for the people to decide..” he comments when asked where he fits in “..Im not one to care for classifications, I’m human and constantly evolving, the only thing that matters is making beautiful music, sharing it with people and enjoying the journey.”.

Born to a Peruvian father and English mother, Benjamin spent half his life in Peru and the other in Canada, later  adding the U.S. to that list. He attributes his musical diversity to his upbringing and his travels, admiting his family is the biggest reason why he grew up  appreciating the likes of Herbie, Hector Lavoe, Stevie, Donnie, Michael, E.W.F., Ruben Blades, Marvin Gaye and many other  muscians, artists and songwriters that would echo religiously off his walls. So it was only natural that his ear would later gravitate to the urban music movement that culminated through Hip Hop culture in the 80’s and 90’s.where he would discover as he calls it “life changing” producers and artists such as J DILLA, Pete Rock, D’angelo, TCQ, Erykah Badu, Freestyle Fellowship, Maxwell Tupac, Biggie, D.I.T.C., Big Pun, Common and various others.

  “My music bleeds me and the influences that created me..” Benjamin say’s when asked about his sound that flow’s  from Salsa influenced horns to smooth Keys, contrasting Dilla influenced drums and Synthed out acid trips seamlessly. “ I wanna take you on a journey , stimulate your sense’s and connect through sound..” he adds speaking of his soon to be released  Debut Album: REDEFINED. “I’m not satisfied with dumbing down for the masses, I give people more credit than that, Quality is quality no matter where it comes from or how it was made and this album is a testament to that, no one knows who I am...yet ” He implies with a smile “but they will soon.”.


    Photo by:Liz Rosa